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Reports say Windows 11 22H2 update will be available on September 20

Reports say Windows 11 22H2 update will be available on September 20

According to sources from The Verge and Windows Central, Windows 11’s first significant upgrade, also known as Windows 11 22H2, will be delivered to the public on September 20.

The update has been accessible in its nearly finished form in Microsoft’s Windows Insider Preview channels since May 2022.

Windows 11 22H2 has additional security features, new default settings for current features, a refreshed Task Manager, new touchscreen movements, window management tools and modifications for the Start menu and taskbar, among other changes. 

It also continues to replace obsolete parts of the Windows 8 and Windows 10 UI. Interfaces like the brightness and volume indicators are changed to rounder, Windows 11-styled designs.

Updates plans are still in flux

Like previous extensive Windows updates, the update likely won’t be available to all Windows 11 users on September 20. Microsoft typically distributes the update to a limited number of PCs first, followed by a progressive rollout until all Windows 11 PCs are covered.

Users can manually apply new updates by downloading an ISO file from Microsoft’s website or navigating to the Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Microsoft’s Windows upgrade plans have shifted dramatically in the previous year and are still in flux. Last year, Microsoft said that Windows 11 would receive significant upgrades once a year and that Windows 10 would transition from its twice-yearly update strategy to the same once-a-year schedule.

Even though the frequency of significant upgrades dropped, Microsoft made several adjustments to its development and release methods, allowing it to implement small to medium-sized improvements at more frequent intervals.

Minor upgrades should continue to arrive more frequently

In the ten months since Windows 11 was introduced, users received substantial user interface adjustments, upgrades for several preloaded apps and Android support. Microsoft will likely release new numbered Windows versions every three years or so, though that schedule has neither been confirmed nor disputed by the organization.

Windows 10 users who are unable or unwilling to install Windows 11 need not worry. Windows 10 will receive its own 22H2 upgrade.