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Google is broadening its eco-friendly routing recommendations on Google Maps to more than 40 European countries.

The fuel-efficient routes functionality, initially launched for users in the United States last year, allows Google Maps users to view the most eco-friendly travel options. Fuel-efficient routes are labeled with a leaf.

Google is deploying the functionality to 40 additional countries across Europe. Users can enable the setting by tapping on their profile image in Google Maps, going to Settings > Navigation Settings and scrolling down to Route Options.

Engine-based recommendations

The organization also introduced a tool that allows car owners to select the engine type of their vehicle and receive customized recommendations for fuel-efficient routes. Within the coming weeks, users can navigate to their settings and select their engine type, encompassing petrol, gas, diesel, hybrid and electric.

This technology is made feasible by insights from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and data from the European Environment Agency, according to a blog post by Google.

Reducing emission

Google constructed powerful machine learning models trained on the most prevalent engine types and Google Maps data on driving habits. Google said that implementing eco-friendly routes across the United States and Canada reduced carbon emissions equal to 100,000 active cars.

Through the years, Google has encouraged consumers to choose more environmentally friendly travel routes by providing new features in Google Maps. The company included EV charging station details in 2018. In July of this year, Google released a bike navigation update with data such as the amount of car traffic and road types along routes.