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Microsoft has announced that the brand name of its productivity tools will officially change from Office to Microsoft 365 starting in November. The applications that make up the suite stay the same.

With the official transition from Office to Microsoft 365, the familiar brand name of Microsoft’s productivity tool suite comes to an end after 32 years. The transition will start this November.

Timeline rebranding

The first part of Office to be rebranded to Microsoft 365 is the web version of Office.com. Apps in Windows 10 and 11 follow in January 2023. The mobile versions for Android and iOS come last. The rebranded versions all get a new Microsoft 365 icon, look and feel and set of features. Microsoft did not disclose further details on the upcoming features.

The Microsoft 365 brand will soon be the tech giant’s cloud-based productivity platform, including tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and MS Teams. Customers do not have to take action for the name change from Office to Microsoft 365. The new icons and names will naturally pop up on devices over time.

Office stays

Despite the major rebranding, Microsoft isn’t completely giving up on the Office brand. Existing Office 365 accounts won’t be renamed just yet. The tech giant will also continue to sell perpetual licenses of Word, Excel and other Office applications under the Office 2021 banner.

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