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Google Docs will soon allow users to paste C/C++, Java, JavaScript and Python code into their documents.

The upcoming feature lets you input code in a range of programming languages. Currently, the feature supports C/C++, Java, JavaScript and Python.

Organizations that have their Google accounts signed up for Rapid Release, the company’s fast-track program for new features, will receive the update between 14 December and 29 December.

Users who wanted to paste code into Google Docs had few options up until now. Although there are several third-party extensions and add-ons available to manually format code in Docs, native support is limited.

Once available, users can access the feature by navigating to ‘Insert’, ‘Building Blocks’ and ‘Code Block’. Companies won’t need to rely on third parties to insert code.


Users looking to organize their presentation content and make it easier to present can use the built-in templates available in Google Docs for a more professional look. 

The new feature helps users create presentations quickly and easily. They can add audio narration to presentation slides to create an engaging experience for viewers. Presentations can be shared with a single click or a list of specific individuals.