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Dell is developing a tablet, stylus and mixed reality environment that will allow users to conference and work in locations of choice. Glen Robson, CTO of Dell Technologies’ Client Solutions Group, gave an update on the project ahead of CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Dell has high hopes for virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). The organization is working on concepts to complement workplaces with lifelike digital environments. Dell will demonstrate the latest developments at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2023) in Las Vegas from January 5 through January 8.

CTO Glen Robson shared an update ahead of the event. “It’s my team’s role to dig into future trends and technologies, experiment with solutions and reimagine experiences”, Robson said. VR and MR are high on the agenda.

Concept Nyx Companion

Although Robson expects VR environments to play a role in the future of work, the CEO emphasized that video calls aren’t going anywhere for now. Robson explained that Dell is exploring how VR can overlap with traditional office environments and what tools users will need to perform.

One idea is Concept Nyx Companion, a tablet-like device for both VR and MR environments. Robson described that users could use the tablet to enter a videoconference with VR glasses, take notes or screenshots and review any meeting-related material without VR glasses.

Robson explained that users would take notes with the Concept Nyx Stylus, a versatile device for voice memos, written notes and drag-and-drop. A key feature is that the stylus would be usable for both traditional PCs and VR environments. The idea is similar to a universal remote control. Dell is tinkering with a single system to control work applications, be it in VR environments or on traditional PCs.

Having a universal remote means users can work without VR glasses for days or weeks without having to get used to the controls once they step back into a VR environment. After all, users use the same controls for traditional work applications — a Concept Nyx Companion and Stylus instead of a keyboard and mouse.

Early stage

The project is in its early stages at present. Dell’s devices are concepts, nothing more and nothing less. “My team continues to explore the future of compelling, immersive experiences in both work and play”, Robson stressed. “Concepts play a huge role in allowing our designers, engineers, and strategists to test and tweak devices and solutions to inform future experience roadmaps.”

CES 2023

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas from January 5 through 8. Thousands of companies showcase new and upcoming products during the event. Techzine is reporting on the news. Navigate to this page for an overview of important announcements.

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