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Zoom, Slack and Twilio are becoming increasingly popular within companies.

Zoom, Slack and Twilio are becoming increasingly popular within companies.

These are good times for apps that focus on business communication and collaboration. According to Expensify data, companies are spending more and more on these kinds of applications.

That’s what Expensify’s January Spend Trends report says. That analyzed more than 200 million transactions that took place through his system. This allows the company to provide a reasonable picture of what companies are spending their money on. Not surprisingly, food, travel and ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft were most widely used in 2018.

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But what a trending edition is within Expensify, can often also be seen as a first step towards future business success. More specifically, this means that categories on which more is suddenly spent will often be even more important in the future. According to the Spend Trends report, workflow technologies are very popular at the moment:

What is striking about the diagram above is that the software packages – with the exception of Slack – often compete with apps that have already been selected by the IT team. Zoom, for example, could be purchased by employees, despite the fact that their systems probably also contain Skype for Business and Ciscos WebEx. Zendesk can be used by a company that already has Salesforce installed.

The tools that emerge from the Expensify report can therefore point to techniques that will soon be delivered as standard on business systems. After all, the fact that employees purchase more of them indicates a trend and IT departments are all too happy to respond to this. It can also be seen that more and more Twitter ads are being published.

According to Expensify, spending on Twitter via its platform grew significantly: by 361 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. Google was still by far the most popular advertising platform, followed by Facebook as number two.

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