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Workday launches Journeys, People Analytics, and Workday Help

Workday launches Journeys, People Analytics, and Workday Help

Workday launched three new add-ons geared towards enhancing employee experiences with Human Resource service delivery, aid during transitions and analytics to identify trends in inclusion and diversity, talent and retention and performance.

In a statement, Pete Schlampp, Workday’s executive vice president of product development, said the launches took place at the right time given the return to work formula in the COVID-19 pandemic. “Businesses need to engage and support their employees during a time of COVID-19, diversity issues and remote work,” said Schlampp.

Unique packs in the three products

  • Workday Help: This is an HR service delivery app that utilizes machine learning to initiate case management for workers. Workday Help encompasses a customized knowledge base and case management features within Workday. During his part of the presentation, Schlampp said all employee data is retained within the Workday platform with background information.
  • Workday Journeys: As the name suggests, Workday Journeys acts as a guide to employees during transitions such as job promotion, onboarding, job change and maternity leave. Schlampp noted that customers can create personalized experiences in topics and events such as diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing. This allows them to become a manager, at least, for the first time.
  • Workday People Analytics: The goal of People Analytics is to utilize analytics and machine learning to track trends in the workstation without the need for the enterprises to dedicate an analyst to it. In his presentation, Schlampp said the basis of People Analytics is on Workday’s acquisition of Stories. The People Analytics product surfaces acumens on enterprise composition and trends: diversity and inclusion data based on generations, race, gender and promotions rates within groups; talent and performance; and retention and attrition without classifications.

And there is more

The announcement of the three Workday products came just the right time enterprise technology vendors are working on launching services to manage mass HR functions amid new safety measures during COVID-19 and hybrid work plans.

Recently, Workday announced it will integrate with Salesforce’s Work.com platform. We are waiting to see how things work out.