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In an IBM study, many companies indicate that they are only just starting to modernise their IT infrastructure. Businesses expect to be more dependent on partners offering managed infrastructure services in the future.

IBM carried out the study among 380 CIOs and CTOs in medium and large businesses in the US and UK. Of these, 60 percent said that their IT infrastructure modernisation programme is not yet ready for the future. Of the respondents, 24 percent said they have just started modernising, and a third said they are in the midst of modernisation.

Nearly all respondents indicate that they are moving towards a cloud environment, whether public, hybrid or private. The distribution between these three strategies is 53, 48 and 45 percent, respectively.

Influence of Covid-19

According to IBM, the corona pandemic is a major contributor to accelerated migration to cloud solutions. This does not appear to merely be a temporary symptom of the pandemic for most businesses, as 60 percent of respondents expect increased demand for cloud infrastructure to be permanent.

Several reasons

Respondents gave several reasons for their focus on digital transformation. For most (67 percent), a greater need for flexibility is the driver. Still, the need for a competitive edge (61 percent), cost savings (58 percent), globalization (54 percent) and meeting client demands are also cited as reasons.