Oracle’s first cloud region in France is now open

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Oracle announced today the opening of its first cloud region in France. The move is meant to accommodate the increasing cloud computing demands from both public and private organizations.

The Oracle Cloud Marseille Region will offer customers and partners access to all of the company’s services to drive business growth.

The company’s next-gen cloud is now available in 32 countries globally with plans to expand to 44 regions by the end of next year, in one of the largest expansions by any cloud company.

Oracle’s renewable energy plan

Oracle’s plans for 2022 include opening a second cloud region in France, as part of its unique dual-region strategy to help customers meet compliance requirements and ensure business continuity by powering resilient applications in multiple locations separated by geography while keeping sensitive data in the country.

While opening up all these regions, Oracle has pledged to be sustainable by powering all global regions with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Some of the regions (Europe, South America, and North America) already run on 100% renewable, with state-of-the-art cooling and energy management technologies deployed in all regions.

The company further reused and recycled 99.6% of its retired hardware in the financial year 2021 while adhering to its data privacy and security practices.

France welcomes the move

Todd Moore, the Veep of Encryption Products at Thales, expressed that his company was pleased to see Oracle investing in a cloud region in France, calling it an important step in providing security and sustainability in “an eco-friendly and inclusive digital world.”

The move was also well-received by Frédéric Andre (IT Procurement Directory, Pernod Ricard) and Marc Goldstein (project manager for the Information Systems Department (DSI), Batigère/GIE Amphitheatre.)

The move opens up opportunities for customers to scale up, secure their organizations and access more tools and resources than before.