Microsoft rolls out fast and new Teams client for Windows and Mac

Microsoft rolls out fast and new Teams client for Windows and Mac

Microsoft has begun rolling out the new Teams client to all Windows and Mac users. The new Teams client, already named Teams 2.0, is much faster and more efficient than its predecessor. In addition, the design has also been revamped.

Users have already had the opportunity to try out the new Teams application alongside the old client since March of this year. Microsoft announced it started the rollout of the new application, replacing the old one.

The new Microsoft Teams client is twice as fast as its predecessor and uses half as much internal memory. Microsoft has finally answered the most frequently given complaint about Teams’s slowness and performance problems. Especially on outdated hardware, Teams could cause a lot of irritation to users because the application asks too much of the system.

Microsoft has realized these improvements by rebuilding the entire application. It has said goodbye to outdated frameworks such as Electron foundations and Angular and has now opted for Microsoft Edge WebView2 and the React Javascript library.

All users will automatically migrate to the new application in the coming months. Development of the old application has also now ceased. New features will only come to the new application. Users do not need to do anything to get the new Teams application, it will update automatically.

New Teams client has all the features that old client also had

Users who tested the new Teams client over the past few months may have missed some features. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been working hard on the new Teams application to reach feature parity. so now all the features that the old client had is also integrated into the new client. Support for third-party applications, PSTN calling, 7×7 video calls and custom business applications are now available as well in the new Teams application.

Earlier this year, we wrote an extensive preview about the new Teams application.

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