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Like a number of other large companies, Facebook also offers a business communication platform. However, recent data leaks may be hampering the platform’s growth. For this reason, the social network has decided to keep Facebook Workplace completely separate in the future.

CNBC reports this today on the basis of reports from employees of the social network. In doing so, Facebook is responding to increasing concerns of business customers about the security of their data. In recent months, Facebook has had to deal with several large data leaks.

Protecting company data

When Facebook reported a data breach on September 28th, in which the data of millions of users had been stolen, the head of the business department contacted Walmart personally. Walmart was immediately assured that his data had not been leaked.

That insurance was necessary because Walmart is a major customer of Workplace. That’s what companies pay for, so their staff can use Facebook-like features, including a timeline, live streams and private messages. The service offers space to more than 30,000 companies, all of which need to be assured of secure communication. Facebook is now taking a new step in this direction.

Loose domain name

During the information exchange with Walmart, Workplace boss Julien Codorniou Clay Johnson, Walmart’s Chief Information Officer, ensured that steps were taken to separate Facebook’s business functions from consumer service. Facebook would even give Workplace its own web domain. That is now assured.

Today Facebook has taken the domain name Workplace.com into use. It is currently a marketing page, but in the course of 2019 all Workplace users will have to surf to that domain. That’s what Luke Taylor, Product Manager at Workplace, tells CNBC. As a result, Facebook is responding to increased concerns about the security of the network.

We are in a position where it is somewhat complicated to get an explanation that we are separate from Facebook, but use the same domain, says Taylor versus CNBC. This is something we want to do to protect the brand, but also to give consumers more confidence in the product.

The expectation is that the domain will first be for new customers and that existing customers will be able to switch later. We will ensure that our customers can move at a pace that suits them.

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