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Cisco will release a number of updates for Cisco Webex Meetings. The update includes access to live streaming in the Webex Meetings app. Some new video features, improved sound quality and other quality-of-life updates have also been added.

The live streaming feature is available in beta, through Cisco partners IBM and VBrick. This allows users to deliver live content to thousands of users simultaneously.

Video and audio quality

In addition to live streaming, a function has been added for faster restoration of video quality after network failure. Also, a mirror effect can now be used to see yourself. In addition, the design of the preview window has been changed so that the difference with the actual emeeting is clear.

The sound quality has also been improved, as updates have been added to handle background noise. These noises are now recognised and suppressed more effectively. Speech suppression is also reduced when there is too much noise on the line.

Further updates

Another update is that Productivity Tools and Webex Meetings are now separated, which prevents problems with administration and migrations of Microsoft 365. These changes will not make a difference in user experience for most users, unless there is a massive rollout.

Finally, a number of desktop experience updates for Webex have been added. For example, there is a new design for certain UI elements, and the ‘share recordings’ button has been moved to a separate ‘recording’ tab. In addition, new settings are available for video and/or audio sessions in meeting rooms, and the Cisco Webex Meetings experience is now compatible with the Office 365 calendar.

Earlier, Cisco also announced a number of changes to the Cisco Webex Site features for managers. These tools are designed to improve corporate security and compliance when it comes to, among other things, password enforcement and integration sets.