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Zoom’s claim that the videoconferencing app has 300 million daily users has been a mistake, according to the creators of the app. The actual number would be considerably lower, but Zoom counted each participant in a video call as an individual user.

At the end of April, Zoom announced that it had reached three hundred million daily users, a significant milestone for the app. A significant increase from the ten million daily users Zoom reached at the end of 2019. The Verge discovered that the mention of three hundred million daily users had completely disappeared from the Zoom website. Enquiries resulted in Zoom confessing that the company had made an honest mistake.

Zoom ended up changing the news post to 300 million daily call participants, which is a considerable difference compared to daily users. After all, a user can participate in ten calls in one day, but that person still only counts for one daily user.

By way of comparison: Microsoft Teams stated they had passed the threshold of 200 million daily call participants at the end of April, compared to a daily number of 75 million users. Google Meet has been relatively slow on the come-up with ‘only’ 100 million call participants, but attracts 3 million new users every day, according to the company.

Unfortunate timing

For Zoom, confusing the two terms comes at an awkward time. The application doesn’t have the best track record as of late because of the many security problems that keep popping up. Besides, the competition is doing everything it can to attract a larger share of the videoconferencing market. Facebook released Messenger Rooms, and Google Meet will be free for all users at the beginning of this month. Google especially was not afraid to joke at Zoom’s expense, mentioning they had ‘extremely good security’ in the Google Meet announcement.

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