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IBM recently closed on Turbonomic to aid customers in automating their enterprise with new capabilities such as ARM, robotic process automation, process mining, and AIOps.

Details about the acquisition

Turbonomic, a network performance management and application resource management software, has been acquired by IBM. They will be combining Turbonomic’s technologies with their own so that their clients can be provided with AI for IT operations, application-centric AIOps, and other offerings.

The details about the cost have not to be disclosed by IBM. However, when they announced their plan to acquire Turbonomic back in April, reports had suggested that the deal may have been for about 1.5-2 billion.

Why did IBM make this decision?

The general manager at IBM for cloud automation, Dinesh Nirmal, detailed the decision and its reasons in a blog post. He said IBM planned to utilize this acquisition to create a single-vendor approach for AIOps, which will help reduce complications from multi-vendor solutions.

Nirmal wrote, “Turbonomic offers complete full-stack visibility of applications, optimizing application performance and the costs of running the application. Its capabilities also maintain policy compliance and minimize resourcing costs across hybrid cloud environments.”

Other expectations from this acquisition

IBM also acquired Instana in November, an observability startup. They believe Turbonomic will complement Instana’s function and help them provide automatic contextualization and ingestion of observability metrics and complete application observability along with events and traces for performance.

In conjunction with IBM Pak, which was just launched for Watson AIOps, Turbonomic will aid customers in realizing the cost efficiencies, compliance, and governance. 

IBM is also expecting Turbonomic to build on its investment in an ecosystem consisting of partners such as Cisco so that businesses can be aided in accelerating their move to AI and hybrid cloud.

Turbonomic will continue to provide technology to Cisco’s Intersight Workload Optimizer as part of their OEM relationship.

How will IBM use Turbonomic software?

IBM has also planned to use Turbonomic’s application resource management system to received extended support for the infrastructure and services in major public clouds, such as the IBM Cloud. In addition, Turbonomic’s network performance technology will be used to drive IBM’S telecom company, which includes the intelligent optimization of those applications that run in 5G environments.