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Atlassian recently acquired chatbot specialist Percept.AI. Atlassian plans to integrate the AI chatbot specialist’s technology into its Jira solutions.

Atlassian has been increasingly expanding its Jira portfolio. In the past two years, Halp (Slack specialist), Mindville (enterprise assets) and ThinkTilt (no- and low-code) were acquired. Now, Percept.AI joins the ranks.

Through the acquisition, Atlassian gains a specialist in the field of AI-based virtual agents (chatbots). Percept.AI’s virtual agents are based on a proprietary AI engine for understanding natural language.

The agent helps teams automate initial customer support interactions. Automated conversations can take place across a variety of channels. The AI engine recognizes the intent, feeling, sentiment and context of the conversation to provide additional information and conversate in a natural, personal manner. The tool also ensures that conversations are automatically transferred from the virtual chatbot to human support staff. Ultimately, Percept.AI sets out to prevent problems and resolve cases faster.

Integration into Jira Service Management

Atlassian plans to integrate Percept.AI’s technology into its Jira Service Management solution. This should improve and accelerate Jira’s service delivery. Furthermore, Jira will soon provide an integrated platform for customer support and service desks.