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Excel Live is coming to Microsoft Teams. Multiple meeting participants can update Excel spreadsheets in real-time without opening the software.

Excel Live is one of three new Teams capabilities that reinforce Microsoft’s emphasis on hybrid work. The first feature allows users to quickly share video clips in conversations. The second feature lets users annotate information during meetings.

The third feature, Excel Live, was just announced. The feature allows multiple users to modify spreadsheets in real-time during meetings, explained Nicole Herskowitz, vice president of Microsoft Teams.

Write, draw, react

Herskowitz added that participants don’t have to leave the meeting screen; they can just hop in and start modifying an Excel sheet. Users can set permissions as they would in a conventional version of Excel, without having Excel installed or running on a device.

This clever Excel integration will complement Teams’ new collaborative annotations tool. The feature should be available sometime in August. All meeting attendees can annotate shared documents by writing or drawing. You can scribble all over the place, highlight certain items and post notes on the screen. According to Herskowitz, it provides a whiteboard experience on any device.

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