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Data is a critical component that may well drive your next big innovation. At the same time, data is also a global target of cyber attacks, with as many as 19 ransomware attacks per minute. The need for good data security and management is therefore great.

At Cohesity Catalyst, the virtual conference on data security and management, industry visionaries, Cohesity product experts and partners will help you prepare for an unpredictable future. You’ll also learn how to unlock the value of data, securely and easily.

The event will be held from May 24 through May 26. Join us and:

  • Learn how AI can be used for business purposes, improving efficiency and user experience across applications
  • See how Infrastructure Operations and Security Strategy are top of mind and impact the future of your business
  • Deepen your expertise with hands-on remote technical labs
  • Take part in free Cohesity certification exams (worth $150 value per exam!)
  • Connect with product experts and be the first to hear what’s new – and what’s coming
  • Meet industry visionaries, security and IT peers and Cohesity partners
  • Expand your strategic toolkit for data security and management

Tip: Defend your data from a ransomware attack