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Microsoft announces that it is acquiring ADRM Software. Microsoft has not disclosed any financial details. ADRM sells data models that companies use to organise their data.

The company develops industry-specific enterprise, data warehouse, business, and solution data models spanning 10 industries and 65 lines of business. The acquisition allows Microsoft to make these models available to its customers in vertical markets without depending on external partners. These data models are essential for analytics projects but are also an important part of many use cases in which critical business data is managed on a large scale, for example organising patient data.

“Together with Microsoft Azure, these capabilities will be delivered at scale, allowing our customers to accelerate digital progress and reduce risk in a number of key initiatives,” wrote Ravi Krishnaswamy, vice president of Azure Global Industry, in a blog post.

Prior to the acquisition, ADRM had been working with Microsoft on several projects for ten years, and now ADRM’s employees have been integrated into the Microsoft Azure team. ADRM CEO Kevin Schofield announced this on LinkedIn. He says that the two companies have been working very closely during the past year. According to Schofield, the companies want to combine the extensive industrial data models of ADRM with the unlimited storage and computing power of Azure.

Multiple acquisitions

This is already Microsoft’s fourth acquisition this year. In May, the company acquired RPA provider Softomotive to strengthen its Power Automate automation platform. Previously, Microsoft purchased Metaswitch Networks, and earlier this year, the company acquired Affirmed Networks for 1.35 billion dollars (1.2 billion euros). With the latter two companies, Microsoft wants to focus on 5G networks.