IT leaders do not think that GDPR goes far enough

IT leaders do not think that GDPR goes far enough

Even though GDPR has caused many problems for companies that aren’t doing data handling and protection properly, IT leaders worldwide do not think it is doing a good enough job. Snow Software released a new report where almost all IT employees and leaders say that GDPR is insufficient.

They all agree that tighter regulations are needed. The sentiment is not new and has gained momentum among concerned parties in the last year, with three-quarters of all employees saying that the regulations need to be more stringent.

To be specific, there are two areas that they think should be focused on; data protection and cybersecurity.

What are the issues?

Cybersecurity is an incredibly hot topic for IT leaders. Data collection and encryption, competition, and universal connectivity were all covered as potential areas where problems need to be solved. The current tech regulations put in place in recent years have given the IT leaders some hope, but a significant portion of the workforce does not share the feeling.

Around 29% of the employees felt hopeful about the data regulation rules in 2019, and that number has gone down to 26% in 2020.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) set of rules and regulations were enforced across Europe since 2018. The goal was to prevent data harvesting or the sharing of EU-base customer data across the Atlantic.

A long way to go

The GDPR has since made significant moves to fine companies that violated their laws massive fines. However, since then, several incidents show the regulations are not as effective as they should be.

Earlier this year, it was thought that Facebook would be kicked out of Europe for transferring data to the US. Still, that would not happen even if the company was using loopholes to do something widely panned. There remains work to be done.