Google acquires UK startup Dataform

Google acquires UK startup Dataform

Google is keeping the move to acquire the data mining company quiet

Google Cloud has acquired the small UK startup Dataform, which is developing what it calls an “operating system” for data warehouses. The same 7 member Dataform team will continue to run and maintain the operation as a part of Google Cloud.

As part of the deal, the company will offer Dataform Web for free to all new users. They will also transition all existing customers onto the free plan immediately.

Streamlining the data mining process

Guillaume-Henri Huon & Lewis Hemens launched Dataform in 2017. The company is an alumni of Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and backed by LocalGlobe. Dataform’s mission is to help data-rich companies draw insights from the data stored in their data warehouses.

Mining data for insights and business intelligence typically requires a team of data engineers and analysts. Dataform seeks to simplify this task. They want to make it faster and cheaper for organisations to take full advantage of their data assets.

Google plays down the acquisition

Thus far, Google has kept the acquisition quiet. Google Cloud has issued no press release to date. Dataform’s co-founder Guillaume-Henri Huon, however, did publish an enthusiastic blog post announcing the acquisition.

“After several conversations with the Google Cloud team it became clear that we are deeply aligned on the importance of serving analysts with the right tools and technology in order to fill what we all perceive as a missed opportunity in existing solutions.”

“At the same time, as a team of just 7, in a complex, competitive and rapidly changing market, we had more ideas than we had people or resources to accomplish. There has always been so much more we wanted to do each quarter than we could achieve. With the support of the BigQuery and Cloud Analytics teams and our combined thought leadership and efforts, we felt that together we could achieve something bigger than we could separately”.

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