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HelpSystems, the IT Management Software Solutions company, has acquired Vera Security, a data security platform. The details of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

Vera was founded in 2014 and offers users a platform they can use to secure, track, and revoke access to confidential data across platforms and devices.The services are offered to customers in the manufacturing, media, financial, and entertainment industries. Vera states it “delivers the balance between having great security and collaborating productively, by allowing users the capability to secure data in an instant.”

The company gives users military-grade encryption, security, access controls, and policy directly to data, giving users surgical levels of control and auditing.

Vera’s offerings

In addition to all that, Vera also offers users risk mitigation for products like plans, designs, strategies, results, and security operation audits. The company also covers data under regulation, like social security numbers, medical records, and credit card numbers.

The acquisition of Vera by HelpSystems gives the latter the kind of data security portfolio that can help meet the demand for solutions offering information protection, throughout the life cycle of data.

The market for data security is changing fast and needs people to discover, detect, classify, and dynamically encrypt data, according to Kate Bolseth, the CEO of HelpSystems.

HelpSystems’ incredible client list

Vera is the seamless integration that will expand HelpSystems’ data security solutions. Both companies have clients on the Fortune 500 list, among other prominent names. Only HelpSystems mentions its customer by name.

They include Coca-Cola, Shutterfly, FedEx, Polaris, Mattel, IBM, and Staples.

HelpSystems has 22 of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies as clients. They include all of the top 10 of both financial services companies and healthcare companies. Before it was acquired, Vera had raised $50 million in venture capital funding.