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Crowdstrike announced on Thursday that it is paying about $400 million to buy the Dell-backed log analytics company. Humio’s product is software that processes security data in real-time to catch cybercriminal acts as they happen.

Crowdstrike will use Humio’s product to upgrade its security capabilities and prevention platform.

A platform like Falcon catches threats in networks through analysis of massive amounts of machine-generated data from employee devices, endpoints, and servers. The faster the information is processed, the faster the hacking can be detected. The high speed with which Humio processes data, will help Crowdstrike enhance its offering in that area.

Humio’s specialty is log data analysis

Processing logs mostly involves generating a data structure called an index. With it, information can be organized into a form that is easily processed. Generating the index takes time, meaning that users have to wait before they can get the information.

Humio’s product bypasses this problem by going with an index-free approach, which processes much quicker and, in some cases, has sub-second latency.

The increase in speed is what makes it easier to investigate attacks as they happen, using accurate and up-to-date data.

Crowdstrike’s technologies just got better

Humio’s software will complement what Crowdstrike already has on its security platform. Not only will there be an increase in data analysis efficiency, but also an upcoming feature for smart filtering.

Crowdstrike will pay most of the $400 in cash and the rest will be in rollover equity awards.

Humio previously raised more than $30 million from Dell’s venture capital arm. The acquisition will complete Crowdstrike’s fiscal first quarter and comes less than two months after SentinelOne signed a $155 million deal to buy Scaylr, a Humio rival with similar index-free processing technology.