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The recent changes to the company’s Competency Program highlight the booming trend towards cloud migration.

Amazon Web Services this week announced a highly significant expansion of their AWS Competency Program. The company’s proposed changes aim to help enterprises find partner firms that can help them migrate mainframe applications to the cloud.

The AWS Competency Program is an initiative through which the Amazon unit recognizes partner firms. These partners are often consultancies that have proven expertise in helping organizations adopt its cloud platform. Enterprises look for the AWS seal of approval when they look for partners with the technologies and know-how they require for their technology projects. For their part, the ASWS partner firms can increase their billings thanks to the validation that the program offers.

A new addition to the program: Mainframe Migration

Renata Melnyk, Ramesh Jadhav and Phil de Valence from AWS announced the new initiative in a blog post this week. “A growing number of organizations are modernizing and migrating their mainframe workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS),” they said.

“These migrations enable companies to realize business benefits such as 70 percent or more savings in IT infrastructure costs. They increase agility with DevOps, on-demand resources, elasticity, and managed services. They mitigate risks with modern technical stacks, removing silos and attracting new talents,” they added.

AWS’ addition of a new “Mainframe Migration” category to the AWS Competency Program today means that partners focused on this area can demonstrate their expertise to potential customers more effectively.

Two types of partners can participate. The first group are firms offering technology tools for easing mainframe-to-cloud migrations. The second is comprised of consultancies that provide related professional services.

In the technology products category, five partners are featured at launch. These include Advanced Computer Software Group Ltd., Blu Age Corp., Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, TSRI Inc. and Micro Focus International plc.

The companies provide software tools that automate some of the steps involved in moving mainframe applications to the cloud. Such a process can be considerably more challenging than a standard migration.