Oracle brings GoldenGate for data replication to the cloud

Oracle brings GoldenGate for data replication to the cloud

Oracle has announced that GoldenGate will become available as an automated, fully managed cloud service. The service allows customers to set up, run, orchestrate and monitor their data replication and streaming data events in real-time.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate service, as it is called in its entirety, is the first cloud service from a major cloud provider to offer an elastic pay-per-use solution for general database replication, data integration, real-time data ingestion to the cloud and support for time-series analytics while the data is in transit, according to Oracle.

With the new service, Oracle is specifically targeting event-based data integration for operational databases and analytic data stores. The same technology can now be used for operational data stores as well as for real-time data warehouses, data lakes and streaming analytics. This should lead to a simplified data architecture and avoid fragmented complex tooling. Also, the data being analysed should be both timely and trusted.

Intuitive interface

Among other things, configuring, scaling the workload and patching are automated by the new service, while the system remains available as much as possible. The system features an intuitive interface to enable users who are not DBAs to work on the digital transformation.

OCI GoldenGate integrates seamlessly with GoldenGate Stream Analytics for ACI, which provides data analytics based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, geo-information and time series data.

Highly trusted solution

“Oracle GoldenGate is a highly trusted data integration solution for thousands of customers worldwide, including 84 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president of mission-critical database technologies at Oracle. “Oracle is now delivering the enterprise-hardened GoldenGate technology as a cloud-native elastic service to provide customers a simple-to-use, integrated, operational and analytic real-time data fabric. It cuts both the time and cost of creating a data integration solution in half compared to the options provided on competing clouds.”

More information on OCI GoldenGate can be found on Oracle’s website.

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