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Rubrik and NetApp have announced an even stronger collaboration. Rubrik’s services will appear on Netapp’s Global Price List, making the two companies’ services easy to purchase together.

With the collaboration, the two companies hope to provide stronger product integration for their customers and partners. It should also simplify the transition to the cloud for customers and provide access to modern data protection, security, compliance, governance and cost-effective storage.

Facilitating data movement

The partnership with NetApp should also facilitate moving on-premises data to the cloud, Rubrik says. It should also provide easier multi-cloud mobility and recovery of backups, regardless of where the data is stored. By offering their joint set of management tools in a single data fabric, NetApp and Rubrik aim to remove the complexity of data management.

“This extended partnership is game changing for our partners and customers because we will have the ability to offer Rubrik’s modern data protection on top of our industry leading systems, software, and cloud service solutions,” said Wendy Bahr, Chief Commercial Officer of Rubrik. “We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership with NetApp and look forward to our future innovations we’ll be delivering together.”

Better integration

By combining Rubrik Cloud Data Management and NetApp ONTAP, the companies aim to provide greater consolidation, cloud integration and continuous data availability. This ensures simplicity, efficiency and protection of business-critical enterprise applications, according to the two companies.

“Our customers are experiencing a rapid acceleration to data-driven digital transformation and implementing hybrid multi-cloud solutions to drive innovation,” said Kim Stevenson, senior vice president and general manager, NetApp. “Rubrik and NetApp together are delivering data management solutions for digital transformation in a hybrid multi-cloud world.”

Previous collaboration

Rubrik and NetApp have a history of collaboration. In 2019, the two companies announced Rubrik Cloud Data Management for NetApp StorageGRID. This solution combines Rubrik’s user platform with object storage, allowing users to automate data lifecycle management in the enterprise interface while archiving the data in the cloud thanks to StorageGRID.

Not much later, Rubrik announced integration with NetApp’s SnapDiff APIs. The integration should make it easier to exchange data between the cloud and the data centre.