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MongoDB recently launched its 5.1 updates as a managed service and is now under questioning from the critics

MongoDB recently released its 5.1 updates, making it the first organization to introduce the “accelerated release cadence” for the non-relational database. This update is said to only be supported by the MongoDB Atlas.

The new update features support time series applications distributed globally through MongoDB’s native sharing. This allows the user to co-locate nodes and horizontally distribute large datasets. Furthermore, the update also features better support for analytics by enabling $lookup and $graphlookup functions.

This allows the user to extract data, combine it and analyze the data distributed across shards. This has been said to be impossible before this update.

The bugs need to be addressed

Update 5.1 may look like a great improvement. Still, people are more concerned with all the bugs they had to experience in the 5.0 iteration of the software. The previous update, which was available as a community edition, was littered with bugs making it impossible to use. These bugs included:

  1. Duplication of unique keys
  2. Omission of a page of data
  3. Loss of data
  4. Restarting problems

Community in an outrage

The community is not pleased with the way MongoDB has dealt with this issue. Since the 5.1 update is only for the Atlas production database, they feel like they are being forced to use it. The next community edition will not be released until mid-2022. People are already looking for alternatives to the problem rather than turning to MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB has been a successful enterprise database solution and has been sold to developers worldwide. Still, to progress now, they need to impact the decision-makers of the organization. Targeting the decision-makers will propel the organization to greater success in the future.