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SAP WebDAV is now supported by xSuite Archive Prism.

Archive Prism is a database management service for SAP ERP. Major SAP customers use the technology to archive data.

Joint customers often combine Archive Prism with SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), a standalone solution that aids GDPR compliance by automating data disposal. Organizations typically use ILM to govern multiple archives from a central point. Archives like xSuite need to be integrated. That’s why SAP maintains a protocol called WebDAV. The protocol allows partners such as xSuite to securely open their servers and apps up to SAP ICM.

xSuite implemented the protocol in Archive Prism. The update was recently certified by SAP. ‘xSuite Archive Prism WebDAV for SAP ILM’ is now available. Customers working with xSuite and SAP ILM gained a quick way to manage their xSuite archive in SAP ILM.


xSuite is a SAP Silver Partner. The German organization develops standalone software and extensions of SAP solutions. xSuite Archive Prism provides all infrastructure necessary to archive SAP data. Data is stored in NoSQL databases and accessible through a user-friendly interface.


The addition of WebDAV is welcome for joint customers of Archive Prism and SAP ILM. As mentioned earlier, SAP ILM assists in GDPR compliance. The solution allows organizations to set policies and delete data accordingly. For example, personal data can be automatically destroyed prior to archiving invoices.

Organizations are assured that no illegal data remains. However, compliance is not the only benefit. If your organization works with an on-premises SAP environment, there may come a time to move to the cloud. The more data you have, the more complex the migration can become. Costs go up. Deleting unnecessary data saves money in the long run.

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