Google makes migrating database to the cloud easier

Google makes migrating database to the cloud easier

Google has announced its Database Migration Service. The service helps companies migrate their databases to the Google Cloud without having to deploy additional servers.

With the Google Database Migration Service, companies can send their databases to the Google Cloud, whether they are stored locally or on competitors’ services, such as Amazon Web Services.

Manual transfer

Normally, migrating an SQL database requires a lot of manual work, as well as a lot of computing power. That is why administrators often use a few extra servers to accomplish a migration. Of course, there is also the risk of human error.

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Database Migration Service provides a simple wizard to follow, where administrators can input their own preferred configuration, network options and scripts.

Once the wizard is completed, the data is transferred over a secure connection. Database Migration Service is designed for reliability and has additional measures to prevent data corruption.

Google has equipped Database Migration Service with support for multiple methods to encrypt the data transfer. Furthermore, the service is able to convert databases in MySQL and PostgreSQL, while remaining high fidelty.

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