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Jamf has introduced Safe Internet. The solution allows Chromebook users, such as those in education, to more easily filter Internet content and implement better Web security.

According to Jamf, the content filtering and Web security solution allows customers to implement better protection against a wide range of Internet dangers. These include harmful content for students, inappropriate Web sites and phishing attacks. In addition, the solution enables administrators to enforce Chromebook usage policies.

Jamf Safe Internet specifically targets education, a sector in which many Chromebooks are used. The solution enables teachers and IT staff at educational institutions to manage content with a single click.

For this management, they can use a management console combined with specially developed workflows for schools. The solution can enforce the Google services Google SafeSearch and Youtube Restricted Mode so that age- or group-based Web content policies are ultimately applied for students.

Jamf says its Jamf Safe Internet solution does comply with all applicable privacy regulations.

Collaboration with Google

Jamf Safe Internet is an example of the closer collaboration between the device management specialist and the tech giant. This includes collaboration within the Google BeyondCorp Alliance, so that only customers’ safe devices with the policies in place can access information resources.

With Jamf Connect, Application Lifecycle Management with the Chrome browser and Google Workspace applications, the management specialist is further building on the Google APIs for providing secure access to devices.

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