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iPhone 15 overheats due to bug and apps, fix is on the way

iPhone 15 overheats due to bug and apps, fix is on the way

Apple is working on fixing the iPhone 15’s overheating problems, which is said to be due to a bug in iOS 17 and third-party apps.

Recently, people have complained online that the new iPhone 15 gets very hot while using the device. Reported occurrences include during charging and tasks that require a lot of processing power.

Apple has confirmed that it has received complaints of this nature when asked by several tech sites. According to the tech giant, the iPhone 15 gets hotter while setting up or restoring the device. This is due to increased background activity.

In addition, the device gets hotter due to recent updates from third-party apps that cause system overload. These include apps such as Asphalt 9, Instagram and Uber. There is also said to be a bug in iOS 17.

Problem addressed in iOS 17.1

The tech giant says it is working with developers to fix the problems. Instagram reportedly fixed the problem with its app as early as late September. Apple expects the issues to be fixed with the final release of iOS 17.1, which is now in beta.

The performance of the A17 Pro processor in the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will not be addressed to fix the temperature problem. Apple also does not see the models’ titanium casing and aluminium substructure as a possible cause of the problem.

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