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VMware partners with Intel for easier macOS management

VMware partners with Intel for easier macOS management

VMware is offering new solutions for businesses to manage macOS devices in partnership with Intel. The solutions are offered through the Anywhere Workspace platform.

VMware is investing in solutions for streamlining IT processes because it believes it can bring businesses more than just cost savings. According to the virtualization specialist, it is necessary to remain competitive and secure. Added to this in recent years is the need for high agility in order to move quickly in hybrid work environments.

For macOS companies

The vision seeps further into a number of new collaborations that VMware has managed to put in place. First, there is the partnership with Intel that may be of interest to companies that connect their digital systems to macOS.

VMware End User Computing will get an extension with Mac management capabilities. That translates into an automation toolkit that can be found in Freestyle Orchestrator. The solution is low-code and thus should be easy to deploy.

Another new feature is Hub Health. The solution automatically checks the condition of macOS devices and provides a guide for employees they can use to fix minor issues with the device. Hub Health will be part of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and Workspace ONE UEM.

Detecting vulnerabilities

Intel’s partnership also continues to expand for faster detection of vulnerabilities nested in hardware, firmware or drivers. For this, the Intel Device Health cloud service integrates. The service works naturally for Intel Core processors.

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