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macOS patch now prevents random window sharing

macOS patch now prevents random window sharing

Apple has made new releases available for macOS Sonoma and iOS 17. Release 14.2.1 fixes a vulnerability issue for macOS Sonoma around screen sharing with others.

Release 14.2.1 of macOS Sonoma addresses an issue when sharing screens with others. This recently discovered bug can share content from random “spaces” of the Mac computer or MacBook sharing a screen.

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Session rendering

The problem is said to be caused by a fault in the session rendering pipeline. Apple says it has fixed it with improved session tracking.

This vulnerability has not been updated for macOS Ventura, as the problem likely occurred only for macOS Sonoma.

New update for iOS 17

In addition to the update for macOS, iOS 17.2.1 was also recently released. This update to the mobile OS did not come with any security fixes. However, a number of bug fixes have been implemented in this edition.

These include bug fixes for Siri, AirDrop, the Favorite Songs Playlist in Apple Music, a new digital clock widget, improved auto-fill that now also recognizes PDF documents, Qi2 charging support for all iPhone 13 and 14 models, and fixing an issue for wireless charging in vehicles.

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