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Samsung launches foldable phone Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung launches foldable phone Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung’s foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, is due to appear in September. Samsung postponed the launch of the phone earlier, as review copies were found to break down after only two days.

The Galaxy Fold was unveiled in February this year. In April, however, several journalists reported that the review copies soon showed flaws. This caused a bulge in a hinge, causing a sharp point to pass through the screen. Others saw a protective layer on the screen as a temporary plastic layer, after which they removed it. After removing the layer, the screen no longer appeared to be working properly.

Samsung decided to postpone the launch of the phone. While many reviewers have shared the great potential they see with us, some have also shown us that the device needs further improvements to ensure the best possible user experience, the company said back then.

Problems solved

The company claims that it has now implemented these improvements itself. In this way, the upper protective layer of the screen is extended beyond the edge of the screen. This should make it clearer that the layer belongs to the device and should not be removed.

The hinge of the phone is reinforced with new protective caps. Also, the space between the hinge and the rest of the device is reduced. Underneath the screen there are additional metal layers to strengthen the protection of the display.

Samsung says it has continued to work constantly to improve the overall user experience. For example, it has optimized more apps and services for the foldable screen.

Last tests

Samsung says it is now working on the latest tests for its smartphone. In September, the phone will be made available in selected markets. However, it is not yet clear exactly when the Galaxy Fold will appear. More details should be available in the coming months.

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