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Huawei releases P30 Pro New Edition to circumvent trade ban

Huawei releases P30 Pro New Edition to circumvent trade ban

Huawei introduces the P30 Pro New Edition to circumvent the Huawei ban of the U.S. government. The ‘new’ phone is supported by Android 10, and because of a loophole in U.S. law, the Google Play Store and other popular Google Apps are still accessible.

Huawei has found a way to bypass the U.S. ban by re-launching new editions of older smartphones. Huawei’s original P30 smartphones were produced before the restrictions were put in place. Huawei implemented this strategy earlier this year when it launched the P30 Lite New Edition in January.

The P30 Pro New Edition has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of local storage, the original P30 Pro had 6GB of Ram and 128GB of local storage. Apart from these improvements, little has changed to the device, except for a new silver finish and a price tag of about 785 euros instead of the original amount of about 1000 euros.

In addition to a small hardware boost, Huawei’s new phones are fully compatible with Google services, despite the ongoing restrictions that prevent U.S. companies from working with the Chinese company.

Phones released after the original P30 smartphones, such as the Huawei Mate 30, were launched without pre-installed Google Play services and with a stripped-down version of the Android 10-based EMUI operating system.

Ban extended until May 2021

Last week, United States President Donald Trump extended the ban on Huawei devices for another year until May 2021. The U.S. accuses Huawei of spying for the Chinese government, the company itself has always denied this.

However, the restrictions imposed by the ban on Huawei are not applied retroactively. This means that all devices released before May 2019 are still compatible with Google technology. Huawei uses this loophole to re-release new versions of older smartphones.

The Chinese company is trying to attract more buyers outside China. The disappearance of Google services has been a reason for many potential buyers to choose a different smartphone brand.