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Alibaba unveiled the next version of its cloud computing platform. Jeff Zhang, the CTO of Alibaba Group, introduced the 2.0 version and said that they aim to make cloud technology available to all who need it.

Zhang’s exciting comments about the Alibaba Cloud 2.0 also promised that operations would be user-friendly and intuitive. More organizations will be able to move their workloads to the cloud without understanding how the code works or how to use it.

Alibaba 2.0 is future-proof

In the speech, Zhang said that Alibaba Cloud 2.0 will be an all-in-one platform that will change the way users run their workloads on the cloud and how apps are implemented. As he says, it is the beginning of a digital era that will make smarter societies, organizations, and enterprises.

He said that the platform would have a digital native OS that will be future-proof, intelligent, and driven by big data.

Their DingTalk integration also offers more value as it is a mobile and intelligent cloud platform that aids in app development.

Looking to the future

At the conference, Zhang announced that they are making the first cloud computer, which is the size of a regular smartphone. They named it Wuying. The CTO added that it transcends the capabilities of existing PCs.

The promise is that users can deploy it to perform complex tasks, run workloads with special requirements, and even render HD videos requiring super powerful or multiple PCs.

Chromebooks have leveraged the same model, and it seems that in the future, other cloud companies will create platforms that lower the cost of computing for the largest market, which has not been exploited yet by the consumers.