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Amazon announced the acquisition of Cloostermans. The Belgian company develops robotic systems for transporting heavy pallets and sorting products.

Cloostermans was founded in 1884. Automation has always been central to the business. The Belgian company produced textile machines during the second industrial revolution. Over 100 years later, Cloostermans develops robotics for various sectors.

Amazon has been a customer of Cloostermans since 2019. The company contributes to the development of robotic systems for Amazon’s warehouses. The acquisition provides Amazon with roughly 200 of Cloostermans’ machinists and engineers.

The company will continue to operate on its current premises in Hamme, a municipality in East Flanders. Amazon did not disclose when it expects to complete the acquisition. Existing customers may have to look for a new supplier, as Amazon has big plans for Cloostermans.

Cloostermans and Amazon

Amazon acquired several companies to expand its robotics division in recent years. Amazon’s job board indicates a high demand for robotics engineers. Earlier this year, a leaked memo suggested that the organization struggles with a shortage of warehouse staff. The giant invests in robotics to address the shortage.

Amazon collaborates with several partners to develop robotic systems for warehouses. One of the partners is Cloostermans. The Belgian company helps develop machines for transporting pallets and sorting orders. The acquisition supports Amazon in developing new variants and accelerating production.

“Amazon’s investments in robotics and technology are supporting how we build a better and safer workplace for our employees and deliver for our customers”, commented Ian Simpson, vice president of Global Robotics at Amazon. “We look forward to welcoming Cloostermans to Amazon and are excited to see what we can build together.”

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Image: Amazon Cloostermans, CC BY 2.0