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Dell Technologies has acquired cloud orchestration platform Cloudify.

For reasons unknown, Dell has not publicly announced the deal at the time of writing. TechCrunch broke the news after acquiring a filing from Dell addressed to US regulator SEC. Dell later confirmed the acquisition in an email statement.

The deal has been finalized. Financial details were not disclosed, but TechCrunch estimates the acquisition to be worth around $100 million.

Cloudify orchestration platform

Cloudify is based in Israel and offers an open-source cloud orchestration platform. It allows companies to manage on-premises, hybrid and multicloud infrastructure from a single environment.

The platform consolidates infrastructure, networking and automation tools into so-called blueprints. These blueprints allow various environments to be managed, provisioned and updated at scale.

The startup split from GigaSpaces in 2017 and has raised about $8 million in funding since. Investors include VMware, Intel and Dutch telecom operator KPN.

Dell’s plans for Cloudify are unknown. The organization may use Cloudify to expand its own cloud services. Dell has been focussing on integrating its solutions with public cloud providers as of late.

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