SAP adds AI applications for CX to Business Technology Platform

SAP adds AI applications for CX to Business Technology Platform

SAP is adding new AI applications to its customer experience (CX) apps, integrating them in its existing Business Technology Platform. It is also adding an AI toolkit to its Sales Cloud.

The addition of various AI applications follows a four-year process of redesigning the SAP cloud environment, the company said. The goal was to allow CX data to move freely between the various apps SAP offers and the mySAP ERP platform.

The company needed to ‘free up’ data previously scattered across different applications for use across SAP’s portfolio of e-commerce, sales, marketing and customer service solutions, according to TechTarget. It would be unthinkable in 2024 not to further add AI functionality that connects all this data in meaningful ways.

At Sapphire in Orlando, it was already clear that SAP is fully committed to AI. SAP’s AI assistant is now called Joule and will be available in all of the company’s solutions. It will first be introduced in the Cloud Public and Private editions of S/4HANA, the Customer Data Platform, BTP Cockpit, Build and Dirt Code, and the SAP Integration Suite.

AI Tools for Sales Cloud

In addition, SAP is offering a host of new AI tools for Sales Cloud, including forecasting. This functionality tips account managers about which individuals in their customer organizations play a key role in closing a deal. Also, “lead boosters” and customer summaries are becoming available, eliminating the need to manually compile information on target customers because the AI automates this to a large extent.

These new applications come in addition to the existing CX AI Toolkit. This allows users to add custom genAI services to the CX apps they use from SAP. This also comes with pre-built AI tools, including a personal shopper bot for the SAP Commerce Cloud that answers customer questions based on a company’s proprietary knowledge base. The personal shopper also makes recommendations based on previous questions and the customer’s search history. In addition, SAP is also coming out with an AI image generator for e-commerce purposes.

SAP ECC & BW migration automated with AI

During Sapphire, SAP also announced the development of a solution within SAP DataSphere that makes it easier to migrate from SAP ECC and SAP BW to SAP S/4HANA. To do this, SAP is using advanced AI models that can provide insight into legacy environments and customizations to migrate.

The company has developed a roadmap that allows customers to migrate from legacy SAP ECC and BW to S/4HANA much faster. SAP ECC is the legacy ERP system containing application logic, while SAP BW is the ECC data warehouse. A SAP ECC migration is known to be incredibly complex, time-consuming and costly. SAP now thinks it has solved that problem.

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