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Alation introduces Marketplaces for its Data Catalog platform. The tool allows users to import trusted third-party datasets into the data platform for greater insight. The data intelligence specialist is also presenting Connected Sheets for Microsoft Excel and Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams.

Alation’s solutions combine machine learning with human insights to gain insights into enterprise data so that the right decisions can then be made on them.

The introduction of Marketplaces should make the use of third-party data less risky. In addition, it should save time and costs and remove complexity, the thinking goes. The tool allows Data Catalog users to import reliable datasets from other providers into their platform and thereby enrich their own data.

Datasets made available through the tool include those from specialists such as Snowflake, AWS and data.gov. The integration into the data platform makes it possible for anyone within a company to search the external data, without any complicated (technical) actions to do so. As a result, the Data Catalog platform no longer catalogs only companies’ own data stored in the platform, but thus also that of external datasets obtained from Marketplaces.

Other new solutions

In addition to Marketplaces, Alation is introducing Connected Sheets for Microsoft Excel and Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams solutions. The first tool ensures that users now also support Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool for importing data in real-time. In doing so, data from various open-source databases can now be brought into Excel.

The Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams tool helps business users and data teams view meaningful metadata from the Alation Data Catalog platform during Microsoft Teams sessions. This makes it easier for participants to collaborate on the use of this metadata. Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams is an extension of similar Alation Anywhere integrations for Slack and Tableau’s data visualization environment, among others.

Marketplaces and Connected Sheets for Microsoft Excel are readily available. Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams will be presented soon.

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