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UiPath is developing a conversational AI assistant for fully automating workflows. For this, the RPA specialist is collaborating with American AI startup Amelia.

The cooperation between the two vendors should lead to the development of an intelligent conversational AI assistant. This assistant should help employees better automate repetitive tasks by building workflows using software robots.

Currently, automating repetitive workflows with software robots, through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is already possible, but not yet technically easy for many employees. They often lack the right knowledge to achieve this automation.

This collaboration should facilitate workflow automation through the aforementioned digital conversational AI assistant. For this purpose, specifically, the startup’s AI technology is combined with the UiPath Business Automation Platform.


Employees can use the digital assistant to enter help requests in their process work via chat, messaging or voice. The AI assistant processes these requests and integrates them into the UiPath RPA platform’s software robots. The software robots then handle the requests by automating workflows. Once handled, the Amelia technology summarizes the result for employees and shares it through the desired communication channel.

More complex requests that cannot be easily resolved this way are forwarded to support agents. The solution they then provide is “remembered” by the AI assistant so that it can be used again in later situations.

Benefits and use cases

Advantages of the AI assistant include the ability to improve employee productivity and reduce service desk calls and waits. UiPath and Amelia also see opportunities for improving NPS scores.

According to both vendors, the joint conversational AI assistant can soon be used for a large number of uses cases. Examples include application troubleshooting, password resets, vacation day checks, payroll changes and VPN access.

Exactly when the conversational AI assistant for automating workflows will become available has not yet been announced.

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