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The developers behind Kubernetes have released an update. Version 1.27 comes with several security improvements.

The image registry can now reside in a system closer to the user’s datacenter, regardless of the cloud provider. In addition, containers within the Kubernetes system now default to seccomp, a Linux feature that allows processes to execute only a small number of system calls.

The update’s nickname is “Chill Vibes”. The name comes from the fact that no exception requests had been made during the update’s development. An exception request is commonly issued by developers to delay a feature under development. None were reported, hence the so-called ‘chill vibes’.


In a blog post, Kubernetes explains essential additions to its container management system. It also talks about some quality-of-life adjustments, such as not having to restart a Pod when updating allocated system resources. A Pod is the smallest unit in a Kubernetes system.

The total update covers 60 enhancements, 13 of which are described as stable.

Kubernetes 1.27 was announced ahead of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023, the event taking place in Amsterdam next week.

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