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The two companies will develop customizable generative AI foundation models for DevSecOps.

This week DevSecOps company GitLab announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The new initiative aims to deliver “new secure AI offerings to the enterprise”, according to the announcement.

GitLab is working with Google Cloud to gain access to Google’s Vertex AI platform. This will allow GitLab to “tune Google’s foundation models with their own data”, utilizing those models to deliver new generative AI-powered experiences, according to GitLab.

Google Cloud allows customers to control their data with enterprise-grade capabilities such as data isolation, data protection, sovereignty, and compliance support. The partnership with GitLab aims to bring that security expertise to the realm of generative AI.

With Vertex AI, and leveraging the Built with Google Cloud AI program, GitLab will be able to use Google’s foundation models to provide customers with AI-powered offerings within its cloud infrastructure. This in turn will allow GitLab to protect user privacy by containing customer intellectual property and source code within GitLab’s cloud infrastructure.

Improving DevSecOps

GitLab plans to improve its customers’ DevSecOps workflow efficiency by 10x, the company says. It plans to do this by applying AI-assisted workflows to all users involved in delivering software value. “By implementing AI-powered capabilities throughout the software development lifecycle, GitLab delivers value across the enterprise, enabling faster business transformation, without sacrificing security or privacy”, the company claims.

“Organizations today are required to deliver software faster than ever before to remain competitive while requiring a stronger security posture in order to maintain customer, investor, and stakeholder trust”, said June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. “Together with GitLab, we’ll be able to deliver generative AI functionality that empowers our joint customers to increase delivery velocity without sacrificing security”.

“GitLab’s vision for generative AI is grounded in privacy, security, and transparency. Our partnership with Google Cloud enables GitLab to offer private and secure AI-powered features, while maintaining customer data in our cloud infrastructure”, added David DeSanto, Chief Product Officer at GitLab.