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C++26 adds hazard pointers

C++26 adds hazard pointers

The ISO C++ standards committee chair gives an initial insight into C++26. This is a standard for the C++ programming language that will be issued in 2026.

A new standard for the C++ programming language is issued every three years. The last release, C++20, will be succeeded at the end of this year by C++23. Even before the official launch, the ISO C++ standards committee chairman reveals to DevClass what we can expect from C++26. The standard is to be released in 2026.

Already 40 changes

Herb Sutter, chairman of the ISO C++ standards committee calls C++26 an important release that will ensure concurrency and parallelism. The committee met to discuss the standard for 2026 for the first time in February 2023. Already 40 changes to the standard have been approved in the meantime. However, these are mostly minor tweaks, such as support for different characters (_, @, $ and `).

A more significant part of the novelties includes the addition of hazard pointers. The committee’s published paper explains how that works: “Only the owner of the hazard pointer can set its value, while any number of threads may read its value”

By December 2023, C++23 will succeed the 2020 standard.

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