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SmartBear has recently acquired API developer Stoplight. This will give the software tester even more functionality to offer a complete API development platform, is the thinking.

With the acquisition, no financial details of which were disclosed, SmartBear will take over Stoplight’s platform. This constitutes access to API development capabilities for the software tester. In addition, SmartBear also intends to take advantage of Stoplight’s extensive communities.

Integration for API platform

Stoplight offers several technologies for developing APIs. These include API governance functionality, mocking features and no-code editing tooling. Other useful tools include open-source catalogs for Prism, Spectral and Elements. These, too, will now be added to SmartBear’s portfolio.

For SmartBear, the acquisition should mainly help develop and build its own complete and understandable API development platform, with the main focus being API lifecycle management.

The software tester has been developing this platform for some time. Recent steps for this include integrating pactFlow into API design workflows, adding support for fAsyncAPI and OAS 3.1, and adding the new tools Explore and Portal.

In the first half of 2024, Spotlight’s technology should be integrated into the SmartBear platform. Users of Stoplight can continue to use the usual platform as usual, but will also gain new functionality through the integration.

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