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Retool is adding the Retool AI suite to its low-code platform. By utilizing it, users can more easily create AI-based apps and workflows.

According to Retool, many companies are eager to use AI for their own apps, especially for querying and reasoning about their own data. They can add their own data into queries for more context on this, but that is often a complicated and expensive option.

They also often have difficulty developing large language models themselves and prefer to fine-tune an existing model with their own data for this purpose. However, according to Retool, this is also not a good option, and, moreover, the data can quickly become obsolete.

Introducing Retool AI

Retool is introducing its own AI suite called Retool AI to better help customers. The different solutions allow customers to quickly develop AI-based applications or workflows based on different LLMs. Also, these tools can make connections to other vendors’ databases and APIs and securely write proprietary business logic and prompts.

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Building Blocks

The Retool AI suite consists of several building blocks that guide the entire AI development process for apps and workflows. Retool Vectors, a hosted vector storage service, is the foundation. The service, which is the “brain” of all AI work for Retool, can in turn be linked to AI Actions. These are pre-built components that interact with various LLMs.

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Then these combined building blocks can be applied back into Retool Workflows for API creation. Retool Workflows is the low-code provider’s backend automation engine.

Furthermore, the Ask AI code assistant helps develop applications faster by creating specific SQL or JavaScript code that is “aware” of the context in the given application.

Retool AI is available immediately.

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