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SUSE introduces new openSUSE distribution Slowroll

SUSE introduces new openSUSE distribution Slowroll

SUSE is updating several openSUSE projects.

One of the developments within openSUSE is the introduction of the open-source Slowroll distribution. This is a “rolling” release distribution with a slower release cycle than other openSUSE distributions. Slowroll is based on another openSUSE project, Tumbleweed.

Updates with bug fixes are scheduled every one or two months for Slowroll.

New beta Leap Micro

The introduction of Slowroll should provide a more accessible alternative for users of the openSUSE distribution Leap Micro. Version 5.5 of this distribution was recently released in beta. This gives version 5.3 final end-of-life status.

Opensuse leap micro 5 bèta.

Leap Micro itself is another variant of the openSUSE MicroOS distribution. This distribution focuses primarily on container workloads. MicroOS contains elements of Linux distribution SUSE SLE, which should eventually be replaced by the SUSE ALP project.

Eventually, the ALP project will also make the openSUSE distribution Leap Micro obsolete, is the line of thinking behind it. All the experimental distributions that SUSE is therefore releasing now are possible alternatives.

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