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‘Apple’s Objective-C is reaching end of life’

‘Apple’s Objective-C is reaching end of life’

The Objective-C programming language appears to be reaching end of life, according to research by JetBrains. Its usage is the lowest of any programming language, and developers plan to stop using it altogether by 2024. JavaScript is the most popular programming language.

JetBrains’ survey shows that only 2 percent of all respondents have used Objective-C in the past year. The reason for the disappearance of the use of the Apple programming language is that developers are now using Apple’s newer Swift language. Also, developers are increasingly using cross-platform languages, such as Kotlin and Dart, to make applications suitable for iOS, for example.

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The survey also found that JavaScript is the most popular programming language, followed by Python and HTML/CSS. Developers especially want to use Rust more often in the coming year, followed by Go, TypeScript and Kotlin.

Use of AI tooling

The JetBrains researchers further noted that many developers have started using generative AI tools. For example, 77 percent of respondents now use ChatGPT from OpenAI and 46 percent use GitHub Copilot.

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Developers use these tools primarily for asking general questions about software development through plain language, followed by code generation and code comment and documentation generation. AI tools are least used for generating so-called commit messages.

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