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DataStax revamps tools for AI application development

DataStax revamps tools for AI application development

DataStax is making new versions of Langflow and RAGStack available. Both tools can be used to develop AI applications. In addition, a new partnership allows DataStax to prepare unstructured data for AI.

The updates should significantly speed up the process of developing AI applications based on RAG (retrieval augmented generation). DataStax speaks of processes being “100x faster.

Langflow 1.0

Langflow was already an existing visual framework that could be added to DataStax’s portfolio through an acquisition earlier this year. Now, the framework is also becoming available on the DataStax Cloud platform.

DataStax does not indicate that it would have modified the framework. Langflow 1.0 is intuitive to use through a drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, it offers many features through integrations with popular Gen AI tools from OpenAI, Hugging Face, and Mistral, among others.

RAGStack 1.0

Furthermore, a new version of RAGStack has been made available. This out-of-the-box RAG solution packs several building blocks for building AI software. Langflow can also be integrated into this solution.

Added to the new version is the Knowledge Graph RAG feature. The feature allows users to store the information that AI models draw from as a graph. This is a data structure in which connections between different parts of information become immediately clear.


Finally, a partnership with Unstructured.io is announced. This partnership opens new possibilities for preparing unstructured data sources for AI, including PDFs and data from Salesforce and Google Drive environments.

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