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FireEye launches Windows Command VM for pen tests

FireEye launches Windows Command VM for pen tests

Security company FireEye and Mandiant have jointly announced the Complete Mandiant Offensive VM (Command VM) suite. This is a system aimed at pentesters and Red Teams. The suite has to compete with Linux Kali.

Offensive Security’s Linux Cali platform is the most widely used by pentesters because of its many types of tools, constant updates and relatively user-friendly interface. Many people use Kali as a virtual machine (VM) on another operating system, such as Microsoft Windows.

There are many separate tools that can be used for such purposes on the operating system, but there are few complete suites. And none of those suites is as popular as Linux Kali. However, FireEye and Mandiant want to offer a competitor with their new Commando VM suite, reports ZDNet.

Command VM

Command VM was created from Flame VM, a reverse engineering and malware analysis platform of the company. “Pentesters often use their own variants of Windows machines when evaluating Active Directory environments,” says the security company. “Command VM is specifically designed to be the go-to platform for performing these internal pen tests.”

Command VM allows pentesters to use native support for both Windows and Active Directory, while also using a VM as a staging area for command-and-control networks. Commando VM uses Boxstarter, Chocolatey and MyGet packages for software installation, and includes over 140 cybersecurity tools for professionals. These include Wireshark, Python, Go, Covenant, Hashcat and Burp-Suite.

FireEye recommends using Command VM as a virtual machine for system hygiene reasons. The VM must be set up with at least 60 GB of space and 2 GB of RAM. The system can be installed on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 10. Command VM can be downloaded from GitHub.

“We look forward to processing user feedback, adding more tools and features, and making many improvements,” says FireEye. “We believe that this distribution will become the standard tool for pentesters and look forward to the continuous improvement and development of the Windows attack platform.

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