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Google adds free browser choice to Android with update

Google adds free browser choice to Android with update

Last year, Google was fined 4.3 billion euros for abusing its monopoly position with Android in Europe. The search giant adds a drop-down menu in a future update so you can choose a new search engine and internet browser. The update applies to new and existing Android devices.

Google has made the changes that Europe has imposed after last year’s billion dollar fine. The next time Google Play is updated, all Android users will be presented with a selection menu. First of all, they are given the option to choose another search engine. This list is drawn up from the most popular choices at the time and is ranked ad randomly.

In a next step you can install another web browser next to Chrome which is included by default. Again, the most popular choices are presented here in a random order. The new selection menu is offered as an update and will be rolled in for everyone in the coming weeks.

Choice menu

The regulators say that Google has abused Android for its own benefit. Smartphone manufacturers were forced to pre-install Google Search along with Play Store and Chrome browser. Manufacturers had to sign a contract each time that they were not allowed to sell devices that would compete with Android. According to the European Commission, it would also have paid certain manufacturers to install Google Search on devices by default.

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Google has always refuted the above claim and says that manufacturers can use Android for free when they combine Search with Google Play. According to them, manufacturers would have a wide choice of options.

The menu of options only applies in Europe and is not shown anywhere else. Google will evaluate the results of this step and looks forward to receiving feedback from the European Commission.

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